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Sleeping For Science

Sleeping for Science is the brainchild of Daniel Coscino. An instinctive, gifted multi-instrumentalist, Coscino's lifelong, insatiable appetite for music is reflected within. Inspired by the more ambient work of Aphex Twin, the oceanic sounds of My Bloody Valentine, the beautiful dreams of Debussy, the dense nightmares of Schoenberg and Berg, the second side of Bowie/Eno's Low, David Cronenberg's films and Howard Shore's musical accompaniments, and anything written by Philip K. Dick.

The aural equivalent of wandering into an alternative-universe incarnation of the Sistine Chapel, Sleeping for Science represents nothing less than an unparalleled work of innovation from a profoundly original composer and musician ... the emergence of a true musical visionary.

Describing the album as "everything I like about music: the harmonic possibility of modern composition, the energy of rock, the sonic possibility of electronic music, the freedom of form found in jazz, and the expanse of Indian music," Daniel Coscino has produced what is, indeed, a rare and beautiful world ...

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