Sleeping For Science

Special thanks to Dan Coscino for contributing his musical wizardry to the album, and for taking the time to write the liner notes that follow ...

"Mostly I remember recording lap steel and fiddle parts with carte blanche from Roy at odd hours of the night (and aren't the most meaningful recording sessions held at such times, away from the jingle and teen-pop sessions that take up the daytime of most project studios?). Listening to the thus more-than-aptly-titled 4AM for the first time in a while, memories of these sessions came flooding back in an instant. Roy's music is what I would call mystical balladry, a descendant of David Crosby at his most expansive and George Harrison at his late-Beatles through All Things Must Pass apex. Lyrics that have real meaning and resonance are married with harmonies and arrangements that quest in a most fertile relationship. In other words, a pleasure to have played on then and a pleasure to listen to now." ~  Dan Coscino, August 2009

CREDITS/Track Listing

1. All the Same
2. Just Give Me An Hour

3. Crow's Nest

4. 4AM

5. Losing It

6. Breath
7. Square One

8. Garden of

Roy Abrams: vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar, keyboards, 4 and 12-string basses,
harmonica, drums, percussion; choral sitar on "Just Give Me An Hour", 6-string acoustic guitar on "Breath"

Dan Coscino: lap steel, djembe, bongos; violin on "Just Give Me An Hour"

Josh Allen: harmonium on "All the Same"

Mother Nature: cameo aquatic appearance on "Crow's Nest" and "Garden of Eden"

Recorded by Tom Cavanagh at Bent Pussycat Studios, Levittown, NY
Produced by Roy Abrams and Tom Cavanagh  (with Dan Coscino; tracks 1, 2, 8)

All Songs Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Island Zone Records: A Division of The Island Zone Productions, Ltd.

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